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Feature Articles

Title Topic Author
MED CD-ROM: The Ideal Self-study Tool
Learner training and vocabulary, pronunciation, language skills work outside the classroom
MED CD-ROM as self-study tool Pete Sharma
Word Sketches: The Modern Lexicographer's Tool
Learn how they were created and used for the Macmillan English Dictionary
Word Sketches Adam Kilgarriff and Michael Rundell
Christmas is Coming!
Read about Christmas traditions and words you often hear
Christmas traditions and vocabulary Elizabeth Potter

Korean English
English loan words in the Korean language

Korean English Jeffrey Miller

My Life-Long Love of the English Language Business
Ken Wilson reflects on English Language Teaching

ELT Ken Wilson
Languages at War
Loan words in times of conflict
loan words Diane Nicholls
Cutting a Long Word Short
Creating new words in English
word formation Diane Nicholls
What's in a Word?
Professor Michael Hoey considers the consequences of changes in lexicography
changes in lexicography and dictionary writing Prof. Michael Hoey
'We put the top on the job'
False friends between Dutch and English
Dutch and English false friends Kevin Cook and Daniel Gibb
Housing Vocabulary in American and British English British and American English Susan Stempleski


Language Interference Series Author Diane Nicholls

Title Topic
Learner English and its Uses
Why do Inspector Clouseau and Ali G sound funny?
learner English
Watt is a Homonym?
Find out by reading about troublesome words
homonymy in English and across languages
Friend or Foe?
Decide by finding out more about false friends and the language learner
false friends and the language learner
False Friends and the Varieties of English
Are England and America really divided by the same language?
false friends and language varieties
Borrower Beware!
False friends and English loan words
false friends and loan words
English Loan Words in Japanese
The pitfalls of loan words and false friends in Japanese
English loan words in Japanese
Three Words to Watch out for:
actual, eventual and important
actual, eventual, important
False Friends between German and English
How to avoid the traps of deceptive similarities
German and English false friends
False Friends between French and English
Parlez-vous Franglais?
French and English false friends
Spanish and English False Friends
Cognates, false friends and unreliable friends
Spanish and English false friends
Beyond False Friends
Language interference outside word meaning
language interference outside word meaning
Stringing Words Together
Language interference at sentence level
language interference at sentence level


New Word of the Month Series Author Kerry Maxwell

Title Topic
'I know how to spell banana, but I don't know when to stop!' banana problem
Emotional repair through reading bibliotherapy
Are you having trouble finding the perfect Christmas gift? re-gift
Mailbomb, virus, worm, Trojan horse, nastygram and mockingbird
Find out what these words have in common
computing and Internet
On women and new words women
The language of the web Internet
Food for thought food
New words caught in the web of politics politics
Read about new idiomatic phrases idioms
Compounds and blends
'Two meanings packed into one word'
compounds and blends
Neologisms from American English American English
New words for the autumn autumn


Language Awareness

Title Topic Author
The key to avoiding slips
pragmatics Dr Joanna Channell
Business English
Writing a business letter
business letters Howard Middle
Business English
How to write a CV
curriculum vitae Howard Middle
Business English
Writing emails
email Howard Middle
Learn about words that may cause offence
words causing offence Susan Stempleski
Academic English
Writing an essay: Finding and referencing sources
Averil Coxhead
Academic English
Writing an essay: Structure and vocabulary
(structure and vocabulary)
Averil Coxhead
Academic English
Writing an essay: Editing your writing and seeking feedback
(editing and seeking feedback)
Averil Coxhead
Word Formation
Common processes of word formation in English
word formation Dr Rosamund Moon
British and American English
Differences in semantics and pronunciation
British and American English
(semantics and pronunciation)
Dr Don R. McCreary
British and American English
Differences in spelling and grammar
British and American English
(spelling and grammar)
Dr Don R. McCreary


Top Tips for the CD-ROMs

Title Topic Author
Create your own activities with SmartSearch SmartSearch
Mairi MacDonald
Use SoundSearch to explore pronunciation and spelling SoundSearch
(pronunciation and spelling)
Jane Bottomley
Using TextSearch and WordSearch to practise vocabulary relating to Christmas TextSearch and WordSearch
(topic vocabulary)
Mairi MacDonald
Use SoundSearch to learn about homophones SoundSearch
Jane Bottomley
Create vocabulary extension activities with SmartSearch SmartSearch
(vocabulary extension)
Mairi MacDonald
Spelling practice with SoundSearch SoundSearch
Jane Bottomley
Using SmartSearch to correct learner errors SmartSearch
(learner errors)
Mairi MacDonald
Using the CD-ROM as a thesaurus with SmartSearch SmartSearch
Mairi MacDonald
Using SoundSearch for intensive listening practice SoundSearch
Jane Bottomley
Using the CD-ROMs for teaching collocations SmartSearch, WordSearch and TextSearch
Mairi MacDonald
Using the CD-ROMs to explore British and American false friends usage notes
(British and American false friends)
Mairi MacDonald
House and furniture vocabulary activities wordlists and activities
(topic vocabulary)
Mairi MacDonald