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Happy Birthday MED Magazine!

Last month MED Magazine celebrated its first birthday. Here is a selection of birthday greetings we have received from readers all over the world.

If you would like to send us your comments, please fill in the form on this page.

'Happy birthday! I'm an English teacher and I have been reading the issues for a year. My students are also really interested in the new words of the month. The new word of the month is like a reward to my students who have been well-behaved. I hope you go on building the site and I'm sure you'll be better with each issue. Thanks and congratulations to your team.'
Basak, Turkey

'Extremely useful! Very well done!'
Elizabeth, Italy

'I absolutely love the material. I use it frequently and am very grateful this kind of material exists. Thank you.'
Daiva, Lithuania

'Thanks very much for the excellent material. You became the major resource for my students.'
Saud, Australia

'Thank you for your help. I refer to your pages quite often and let my students know about them and discover the pleasure of learning new expressions. And it keeps us all up to date.'
Catherine, France

'I simply love your articles drawing comparisons between the US and the UK versions of business related subjects. Being a blend of both cultures can sometimes put me on the spot in the classroom. This certainly makes life easier. Thanks a lot and I look forward to reading more of your interesting articles.'
Deborah, Switzerland

'A great help for my students of English. Thanks a lot.'
Santos, Spain

'You're only a year old but boy, oh boy, haven't you grown a lot. What would I do without you?'
Marina, Germany

'I regularly read your magazine and appreciate its contents very much.'
Nina, United Kingdom

'I really enjoy your magazine. And as a teacher I find it very useful. Thank you.'
Leonor, Mexico

'Thank you very much for your useful material. I really appreciate your goodwill to English learners around the world.'
Minh, Vietnam

'I regularly read all the articles, lesson plans etc. and give them to teachers. They're of great use. Happy birthday.'
Nadia, Morocco

'Congratulations! You have given us great articles. I can only wish for a long life for your magazine!'
Isabelle, France

'Thank you very much, indeed! Your magazine is extremely interesting and useful. I particularly like the word of the month section. It gave me a good chance not to lose face in front of some "advanced" students who often turn up with some exotic words and expressions they've picked up on the net.'
Maria, Russia

'Many happy returns :) Thanks for being such a great help :)'
Anna, Poland

'Thanks for all the help with planning lessons and having something interesting to talk about in class.'
Sarah, Japan

'Your birth helps to break down the language and culture barriers. Thank you and happy birthday.'
Jason, China

'Dear editors! Happy birthday to you and your great magazine. I am waiting for every issue as it helps enrich my teaching experience.'
Helen, Russia

'Happy Birthday. As a recently qualified TESOL I find the magazine extremely valuable.'
James, United Kingdom

'I've been teaching English for almost 27 years. Thanks for your utmost useful and brilliant materials concerning teaching and etc. Good luck and congratulations on your birthday.'
Irina, Russia

'I really would like to greet and specially thank you for all the support you give us, English teachers, all around the world. It is a way to feel everyone together and involved in the nice world of English teaching.'
Jose, Peru

'I'm very pleased with your good ideas and your useful material. It's a resources bank in my diary work and many colleagues think so too. They're also very pleased with your work.'
Manuel, Spain

'Happy Birthday. Thank you for all the interesting articles, items you send us.'
Mary, France