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Football games

World Cup competition
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Language interference
Halo Bos!
English borrowings in Indonesian

British and American
Where does the English
language come from?

New word of the month
A new word is born:
How do new words
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Dictionaroake –
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In this Issue

Welcome to the 38th edition of MED Magazine, the webzine of the Macmillan Dictionaries resource site.

We bring you our second special World Cup edition complete with a fantastic competition. To find out how you can win an iPod nano, visit this page.

To help you practise those essential words and phrases so often heard in football commentary, play these online games, or download this pdf.

Students and teachers often wonder how dictionary publishers and lexicographers decide on including a new word in a dictionary. You can find the answer in the new words article.

This month, the language interference series describes borrowings and false friends between Indonesian and English.

The British and American culture series gives a brief summary of the origins of the English language.

Our new MED Web Watch feature presents you with useful web resources for learning (about) English. This month, it's time for a bit of dictionaraoke!

To browse the back issues, take a look at this page. For a detailed list of the content of previous editions, visit the Index.

If you'd like to suggest topics yourself, or just tell us what you think about MED Magazine, you can contact us by filling in this simple form. On this page, you can read a selection of emails we've received from readers all around the world.

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I wish you happy browsing for May and good luck with the MED Magazine World Cup competition!

Kati Sule