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Football games
by Mairi MacDonald

With the World Cup now only a month away, it's time to practise your football vocabulary.

In the previous issue of MED Magazine, you could read an article on football terms and phrases. To help you revise these words, here are some fun games for you to play.

• Game 1 – Drag and drop
• Game 2 Wordsearch
• Game 3 Gap fill
World Cup competition

Game 1 – Drag and drop

To make the colour appear, simply drag and drop the words (nouns and verbs) next to the corresponding pictures.


Game 2 Wordsearch

There are 12 football words hidden in this wordsearch. One has been marked for you. Can you find the remaining 11?

If you want extra clues, press 'Hint' to reveal the list of words that are hidden. Clicking 'Print' will print off the wordsearch as it appears on the screen so for instance if you have completed the wordsearch it will print the completed version.

Game 3 Gap fill

Read the definitions and fill in the missing gaps in the words and phrases.

World Cup competition

Visit the official website of the 2006 World Cup to find out about the latest news of the tournament.

Download this pdf for some further activities and to see the second question in our World Cup competition. The answers to these extra activities can be found on this pdf.

Look at this page to see how you can enter the competition and win a specially engraved Macmillan English Dictionary iPod.