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Letters to the Editor

We're always happy to hear from you. On this page you'll find a selection of comments readers have sent us about MED Magazine.

If you would like to write to us too, please fill in the form on this page.

'You are about the BEST English web magazine I have ever read.'
Charuphak (Thailand)

'Thank you for all the articles and material you share with all of us. It's really useful for English teachers.'
Ana (Spain)

'The articles that your company sponsors are quite illuminating and keep readers abreast with current trends in language use and study. I strong believe that with such reasoned and thought out articles, users and learners of English would stay connected, refreshed and enlivened. Thanks a great deal.'
Moses Sonde (Cameroon)

'If the MED Magazine was excellent, now with the section "British and American culture" it is wonderful! Congratulations for this great idea.'
Rosa (Brazil)

'Thank you for an excellent publication!'
Bruce (United Kingdom)

'Thanks very much. The magazine is such a helpful resource with my research and in my teaching. Keep up the good work!'
Jeannet (Malaysia

'Your webzine is fabulous and very interesting to learners of English. Congratulations.'
Barbara (Panama)

'I'd like to thank you very much for your valuable magazine. I really found it extremely interesting, informative and very professional. Thank you once more.'
Abdou (Morocco)

'I'd like to thank you for this wonderful webzine. There is a lot of
information on the Internet, but the the way you've designed the webzine is extremely user-friendly and incredibly attractive.'
Dina (Saudi Arabia)

'I am a teacher of English as a foreign language. On the Net we can find lots of materials connected to the subject. But yours is wonderful, useful, up-to-date ... spectacular. The subjects/articles are very clear and academically perfect. Congratulations. Please keep on working this way or better.'
Manuela (Portugal)

'This is just to say how stimulating and instructive my students on the three-year degree course in Mediazione Linguisitica e Culturale at the State University of Milan find the OnestopEnglish materials. I should also like to add how informative and even sometimes instructive I, as their teacher, find the various articles by the contributors to MED Magazine. Thank you for providing such funds of knowledge that offer us all something!'
Thomas (Italy)

'Thank you for the interesting articles you include in your webzine. I am a teacher of English as a second language and I really take advantage of the material and use it with my advanced students. They are really fruitful and insightful. Thanks once more.'
Marisa (Argentina)

'Thank you for the wonderful articles. I enjoy reading them.'
Maya (India)

'Thanks very much for the great material and outstanding quality. My students have learnt a lot. Thanks a lot once again.'
Galia (Colombia)

'I'm so glad to read your wonderful magazine. The MED Magazine site and its information are very helpful to me, and I'm sure it is so to everyone ... Wishing you every success and all the best in your wonderful project.'
Ziad (Canada)

'Thanks very much for the printer-friendly versions.'
Marcela (Czech Republic)

'Thank you for the section on 'idiomatic expressions'. I find them very useful.'
Ewa (Poland)

'I've read quite a few of your articles about words, and find them to be most informative, amusing and helpful. Thank you very much. The one from Diane Nicholls about actual, eventual, important was very interesting. So much so, that I wanted to print it and keep it, for reference.'
Roger (Australia)

'Like all the other onestopenglish sites, the Macmillan English Dictionaries one is excellent too! Thanks for so much useful and interesting information.'
Renee (Croatia)

'I very much enjoy your magazine!'
Nina (United Kingdom)

'I really enjoyed the May issue of your magazine, particularly the articles by Diane Nicholls, which were extremely interesting and well written - quite inspirational! It is nice that you can click on a link to find out about the author too. Keep up the good work!'
Ricky (United Kingdom)

'I have read the MED Magazine for the first time and I am writing to congratulate you and your team on your fabulous work.'
Francisco (Spain)

'I have really been enjoying the columns - and the new word of the month! Thanks to the contributors! Your webzine is excellent. I have recommended it to several colleagues and have had lots of good feedback. An excellent resource for teachers and students of linguistics.'
Julia (Australia)

'I teach English in Mexico. Since I am American and most of my students’ contacts are with Americans, I teach American usage. Therefore, it was useful to me to read the article on pragmatics in the American English version. … I think I’m going to like your magazine and believe it will be helpful to me and my students. Keep up the good work!'
Jim (Mexico)

'Congratulations! There is a lot of good material on the web but this really is special. What can I say, except thanks.'
Linda (Israel)