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English loan words in the Korean language

Language Interference
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False Friends and English Loan Words

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In this Issue

Welcome to the March issue of the MED Magazine, the monthly webzine of the Macmillan English Dictionary resource site!

In this issue we continue the series on Language Interference with an article about Loan Words and False Friends in English and other languages. You can read about borrowings between languages, words that were taken by and from the English language and ways in which words are altered in the borrowing languages.

You can read more about English loan words in the Korean language in the feature article, which discusses how Konglish words are formed.

In the Language Awareness series we look at sensitive language: words that may offend or insult some people. The article covers topics such as racial and ethnic groups, gender, age, illness and disability, sexual preference and titles.

We also offer practical tips on how you can find editorial notes with SmartSearch on the Macmillan English Dictionary CD-ROM. The tips this month tell you how to create activities for learning about words that may cause offence.

Sensitive language is also the topic of the new word column. In this issue we look at recent trends in gender-related neologisms.

We welcome your suggestions and comments. If you would like to contact us, please fill in this form and e-mail it to us.

Kati Sule