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In this Issue

Welcome to the first issue of MED Magazine in 2004.

We kick off the new year with some more useful tips on how to make use of the dictionary CD-ROMs and create supplementary material for your classes. This month you can find out how your students can extend and practise vocabulary relating to illness and health.

The third article in the new series on metaphor investigates metaphors we use when we talk about illness.

Health is also the topic of our monthly column discussing new words. In this article you can find out what neologisms have been created in the last decade to describe various conditions and ailments.

In the feature article this month you can read about some of the main differences between American and British English in clothing and shopping terms.

And finally, the Language Study section in this issue describes two more frequent text types: reviews and discursive texts, and also provides a couple of practical exercises.

As the content of our webzine is growing a recently added feature makes it easier for you to find the articles you are interested in most. If you would like to read about a particular topic, or a specific article, or more by the same author, you can browse the index page, which is updated every month. You can also find a collection of all MED Magazine covers on the back issues page.

We are always pleased to receive comments and suggestions from you. If you would like to contact us, please fill in and email us this form. Click here to read some of the comments readers have sent us about MED Magazine.

Kati Sule