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Food and Cooking in
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What we talk about
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Discourse markers
oh, well and like
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Are you still looking
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In this Issue

Welcome to the February 2004 issue of MED Magazine, the free webzine of the Macmillan English Dictionaries resource site!

This month we celebrate Valentine's Day by looking at some new words that describe ways of searching for and finding a romantic partner.

The metaphor article this month explores language we use when we talk about success and failure.

The final part in the series of articles on American and British English describes some of the most common differences between vocabulary used in the two varieties of English to talk about cooking and food.

The Language Awareness article in this issue takes a look at spoken discourse, more specifically three frequently used discourse markers (oh, well and like): when they are used and what role they play in conversation.

This month the top tips article gives you advice on how to create activities for exploring spoken language with the help of the dictionary CD-ROMs.

You can browse the content of the back issues on the index page, which we update every month. You can also find a collection of all MED Magazine covers on the back issues page.

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Kati Sule