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How do you go about writing
a bilingual dictionary?


Language interference
The new Finglish:
from sex shops to big business

Book review
Faux Pas: A No-Nonsense
Guide to Words and Phrases
from Other Languages

British and American
Getting around in Great Britain

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In this Issue

Welcome to the 42nd edition of MED Magazine, the webzine of the Macmillan Dictionaries resource site.

Do you feel like a break from the news from time to time? If you share this sentiment, you’ll be glad to know that there is a term for it in English! Find out what it is in the new word of the month article.

Our series on language interference returns with an article on the influence of English on Finnish. Expert authors Kate Moore and Sirkku Latomaa describe the state of affairs in the Finnish language today.

In the feature article, author Sinda Lopez reveals all and answers some of the most common questions about writing a bilingual dictionary.

In our most recent series, you can read a book review about Faux Pas: A No-Nonsense Guide to Words and Phrases from Other Languages, a brand-new publication on the most common foreign words used in English.

The MED Web Watch article explores an entertaining blog site on language.

You can read a few more interesting questions and expert answers in the Your questions answered column.

The focus of our regular series on British and American culture this month is travelling around London and the UK.

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Kati Sule