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In this Issue

After a short summer break MED Magazine returns with another issue full of articles about words, language and language teaching. This September issue is dedicated to Business English.

In the feature article author Rosemary Richey explores some of the core issues of Business English teaching.

This month we start a brand new series on Business English teaching with tips for teaching essential skills and language for meetings. This article also includes some useful activities and teacher's notes.

In our regular new words column you can read about some of the latest additions to the English lexicon — words used in online business.

The popular series on language interference takes a look at similarities and differences between Italian and English. You can also find a list of some common false friends between the two languages in the article.

In the Language Awareness article this month you can read about computer words, and more specifically how new words are formed, and new meanings are added to already existing words.

If you would you like to read more about a topic, the index page will help you find what you're looking for. Take a look at this page for the covers of the back issues.

Are you interested in contributing to MED Magazine? Would you like to send us your suggestions or comments? You can contact us by filling in this form. On this page you can find a selection of messages we've received from readers all over the world.

Kati Sule