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In this Issue

Welcome to the October 2004 issue of MED Magazine, the monthly webzine of the Macmillan English Dictionaries resource site.

In our regular column about new words we turn our attention to affixes this month. The article explores suffixes and prefixes that have been productive in forming new English terms.

In the Language Awareness series you can read more about computer words: how computer words change, and how their meaning is extended to domains other than information technology. You'll also find some practical advice on Internet communication in this article.

Poland was the largest of the ten countries that joined the European Union in May 2004. In the language interference series, we take a look at what words have been exchanged between Polish and English. This article also contains a list of the most common unreliable and false friends between the two languages.

In the feature article author Rosemary Richey continues exploring issues in Business English teaching. This second article discusses the intercultural dimension of Business English.

The top tips column provides another set of useful tips on teaching essential language and skills for business meetings. You'll also find some vocabulary activities and teacher's notes here with a special focus on business etiquette.

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Kati Sule