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Happy Birthday MED Magazine!

This month MED Magazine celebrates the completion of its second year of circulation. This last year has seen many more articles in the popular regular columns on new words and language interference as well as the addition of some new features such as tips for teaching key Business English language and skills, and the introduction of printer-friendly versions of most articles, and an index of the complete contents of back issues.

On behalf of all our readers, I would like to thank the many contributors to MED Magazine. Their continued dedicated input ensures that every month MED Magazine contains a selection of fascinating, informative and useful articles about words, the English language and language teaching.

We are always pleased to receive your comments and suggestions. If you would like to contact us with new ideas, or you would like to contribute to MED Magazine, please write to us on this page.

Please join me in celebrating the second birthday of MED Magazine!

Kati Sule