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Top Tips for the CD-ROMs
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Top Tips for the CD-ROMs
Using SoundSearch for intensive listening

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Listening for gist - gap fill 2

On the Internet


1 Listen and answer these questions.

What is the speaker describing?
What kind of activities does the speaker use the Internet for?
Does the speaker ever use the Internet for shopping?
Does the speaker enjoy using the Internet?
2 Work in pairs. Read through the tapescript and predict the part of speech and general meaning of the missing words. Most of them are about the Internet.
3 Listen and try to note down the pronunciation of the missing words using phonemic script, then work with a partner until you agree on the transcriptions.
4 Try to find a suitable word for each gap by using the SoundSearch. Use wildcards if you are not sure of a sound.
5 Check with your teacher, then listen to the full text once more with the completed tapescript in front of you.


I'm terrible on the (1) __________, I'm really, really bad at it, but I really enjoy it. I kind of start off (2) __________, looking for something specific. I might want some information on a particular, on a particular subject, but I get carried away, I get diverted, I end up looking at something completely unrelated, and inevitably, um, actually I have to confess I end up shopping, or window shopping anyway, which is, um, well, it's, it's, it's quite (3) __________ on the (4) __________ because there's some really, really, really (5) __________ shopping (6) __________. You can pick up all sorts of different things and you can go through it and normally the (7) __________ are like really good and, um, I've (8) __________ I think nearly all the, all the kind of sound (9) __________ that you need, so I end up watching film (10) __________ on different products, and getting kind of, well, getting completely carried away. But I never get my credit card out, so that's quite good but on the other hand, I do tend to do it in the middle of the day which makes it a bit expensive, but, um, I really enjoy it.

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