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Top Tips for the CD-ROMs
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Top Tips for the CD-ROMs
Using SoundSearch for intensive listening

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Listening for gist - gap fill 1

A Lucky Break


1 Listen and answer these questions.

Who is the story about?
Where did the story take place?
Who first noticed the thieves?
What went missing?
How were the thieves caught?
Whose idea was it?
2 Work in pairs. Read through the tapescript and predict the part of speech and general meaning of the missing words.
3 Listen and try to note down the pronunciation of the missing words using phonemic script, then work with a partner until you agree on the transcriptions.
4 Try to find a suitable word for each gap by using the SoundSearch. Use wildcards if you are not sure of a sound.
5 Check with your teacher, then listen to the full text once more with the completed tapescript in front of you.


Did I tell you about what happened to us last week? No? Well, we were out in a bar in town, quite a crowd of us, and of course Kelly had her mobile phone with her. Anyway, while we were in the bar Kelly left her mobile in her coat pocket and we were chatting and laughing and having a good time. It was some time later when Kelly noticed this couple (1) __________ around in the pile of coats and then getting ready to leave. Well, Kelly was a bit (2) __________, so she went over to see if her phone was still there and of course it wasn't. So she went to follow the couple outside to ask them if they'd taken her phone and a couple of the others went with her. They were just (3) __________the couple when Hannah had a (4) __________. She had her mobile on her too, so she phoned Kelly's number and just as Kelly was asking the couple whether or not they'd got her phone, it started ringing in one of their pockets! They couldn't very well deny having it and handed it over very (5) __________! Lucky, eh?

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