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stationary (adj) not moving
stationery (n) pens, paper, envelopes, pencils, and other things used for writing
discreet (adj)  careful not to say anything that is secret or that could upset someone
discrete (adj) separate
elicit (v) to make someone react in that way
illicit (adj) an illicit relationship, activity or situation is one that people do not approve of
canvas (n) strong heavy cotton cloth used for making tents, shoes, and sails
canvass (v) to ask many people in an area for their opinion and encourage them to vote for someone or support something
breech (n; breeches) old-fashioned trousers that end at the knee
breach (n) a failure to follow a law or rule
compliment (n) something nice that you say to praise someone
complement (n) something that is added to something else
dessert (n) sweet food that you eat after the main part of a meal
desert (v) to leave someone in a situation where they have no help or support