Correcting learner errors with SmartSearch: sentences

  1. We accepted her offer of help.
  2. They accepted the court's decision.
  3. She agreed to work at the weekend.
  4. We agreed to help.

  1. Please may I borrow your umbrella?
  2. He borrowed an umbrella from his friend.
  3. Could you lend me your umbrella?
  4. She lent me her umbrella.

  1. Bring the photos when you come to visit me.
  2. I'll bring the photos to your house tonight.
  3. He visited us and brought his sister with him.
  4. Take the photos when you go to visit her tonight.
  5. I'll take the photos to her house.
  6. He went to visit them and took his sister with him.
  7. Fetch the photos from the kitchen, will you.
  8. She's gone to fetch her brother from the station.

  1. Did you hear the thunder last night?
  2. I did not hear the door open.
  3. I listened carefully but I could not hear the thunder.
  4. I always listen to the radio in my car.

  1. Sir Isaac Newton invented calculus.
  2. Who invented the television?
  3. Sir Isaac Newton discovered gravity.
  4. Scientists have discovered a new planet.

  1. He was educated at a school in Paris.
  2. The government spends more on weapons than on educating its children.
  3. I was brought up in the city.
  4. My parents brought me up to always tell the truth.

  1. I always lay my clothes carefully on the chair when I undress.
  2. He lay the book on the desk.
  3. I found the cat lying in front of the fire.
  4. He loves to lie on the beach all day.
  5. Papers were lying all over the desk.

  1. I am learning to play the guitar.
  2. If you want to learn English you must study hard.
  3. He wanted to learn about life in ancient Rome.
  4. He studied geography at university.
  5. I need to study very hard because I missed a lot of classes.

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