Correcting learner errors with SmartSearch: activity

Complete the sentences with the correct verb and verb form.

1. Your bank might _________ to extend the period of the loan. accept/agree
2. Martha _________ a noise and spun around to see what it was. listen/hear
3. They _________ life on Earth in all its forms. learn/study
4. She advanced the theory that children _________ more from their friends than from their parents. learn/study
5. Why are all those clothes _________ around on the floor? lie/lay
6. The doctor _________ to my heartbeat. hear/listen
7. Here's that book you wanted to _________. borrow/lend
8. Has everybody remembered to _________ a pen and notebook? bring/fetch/take
9. Television was _________ by John Logie Baird. discover/invent
10. He was _________ at Eton and Trinity College, Cambridge. educate/bring up

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