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Top Tips for the CD-ROMs
Celebrating with the CD-ROMs
by Mairi MacDonald

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Activity 1 Celebrations


a Bonfire Night/Guy Fawkes' Night
the night of 5th November, when British people have bonfires and light fireworks to celebrate the day in 1605 when Guy Fawkes was stopped before he was able to destroy the Houses of Parliament
b Burns Night
January 25, the birth date of the Scottish poet Robert Burns, that Scottish people celebrate by having parties where they eat traditional Scottish food, especially haggis
c Flag Day
in the US, the day of 14th June when people celebrate the day a flag was chosen for the country in 1777
d Hogmanay
in Scotland, the evening of 31st December and the celebrations that happen at that time
e Independence Day
in the US, the 4th of July, a national holiday to celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776
f Thanksgiving

in the US, the fourth Thursday in November, and in Canada, the second Monday in October, when families have a special meal, traditionally to celebrate all the things that they are grateful for

g The Notting Hill Carnival
a celebration that takes place every August on the streets of Notting Hill, London
h New Year's Eve
the evening of 31st December, when many people celebrate with their family or friends by staying awake until midnight

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