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Happy Birthday MED Magazine!

MED Magazine celebrated its 2nd birthday in November 2004. On this occasion readers from all round the world, from Argentina to New Zealand, have got in touch with us to wish the webzine a happy birthday.

Here is a selection of emails we've received from readers around the globe:

'Happy birthday to the most important magazine I've ever read. It has been indeed a real tool for me during my teaching courses and of much help to my students. Please, keep up. Thank you a lot.'
Saliha, Algeria

'You are an incredible source of useful tips and lessons for learning, teaching, and enjoying! It has really helped me a lot and students enjoy every topic discussed. Congratulations and a happy birthday!'
Carina, Argentina

'Happy birthday MED Magazine! You have brought new meanings into our lives as teachers. We are always eagerly waiting for your fascinating articles and useful tips, word of the month, competitions, etc. There's always a surprise from the MED Magazine team. This helps us feel motivated and enthusiastic about teaching, as well as being updated. Congratulations on such a success! I know we'll have the chance of celebrating many anniversaries more!'
Maria Amalia, Brazil

'I appreciate the useful articles and the material contained in the webzine and wish the staff long lasting and gratifying results in their work.'
Silvana, Croatia

'Excellent web magazine. I have no words to tell how it helps me. Thanks a lot for all the information and congratulations on your second birthday.'
Milagros, Cuba

'Happy birthday! It's my birthday too this month, (but I'm a little bit older than you) and we have quite a few things in common. We share a love for the English language, and a passion for words. That is probably what led me to become a teacher of English as a foreign language. I love communicating, I love languages, but my favourite is English. What do I like best about you? Probably the new word feature: when you love words, new ones are like a present every month. Thanks for being there, and many happy returns of the day.'
Carmela, France

'The material is extremely useful. I use it to teach all the Cambridge ESOL exams including BEC Vantage and Higher and CPE. Its immediacy and relevance makes it immediately usable and appealing to classes.'
Chris, Germany

'This magazine has been like a lantern for me. When I lose the vivid way it shows me the best way to achieve my goals. Thank you for your comprehensive materials and congratulation to you for the birthday of the magazine.'
Mohammad, Iran

'Congratulations on a wonderful resource and may you go from strength to strength! Of the many Internet resources that I've accessed, in order to help me in my TESOL course, your magazine and onestopenglish have been the most helpful and informative. The words Teach and Teacher, take on a whole new meaning.'
Jenny, Namibia

'Congratulations on reaching your second birthday! ... MED Magazine set itself a high standard from the start, and in my view it has maintained this standard throughout, quite an achievement. ... I look forward to the monthly issue, and usually read it right through. ... I particularly value the approach you have taken, being academically based but free of the usual paraphernalia that accompany academic work (footnotes, technical jargon, being (overly) conscious of what else is happening in the field and who is making it happen), and yet not in any sense talking down to your audience, whom I take to be language freaks and wordaholics like myself, English language teachers and teacher educators, and learners with English as an additional language (EAL). ... EAL learners and teachers have an embarrassment of riches to chose from, but MED Magazine should be part of their fare whatever regime they might be on. Wishing you every success through the "terrible twos" and into the threes, fours and beyond. Many thanks and good luck!'
Alan, New Zealand

'I would love to wish you all the best for your birthday! Thank you for your invaluable help and reference for English learners. Life without MED Magazine would not be the same. The articles are absorbing and inspiring. Thank you very much.'
Kaska, Poland

'Happy second birthday! Congratulations on doing such a good job! I love using the dictionaries and I enjoy reading your magazine, and I also enjoy using the e-lessons in my teaching. You are a tremendous help! The world of teaching would be a lot poorer without you. Many happy returns of the day!'
Melinda, Romania

'Happy birthday to you, Macmillan webzine! Thank you all for sharing your unique professional experience and making teaching and learning more enjoyable for both teachers and students.'
Nadezhda, Russia

'The series on Business English is absolutely fantastic. Great site. Keep up the good work.'
Mohamed, Saudi Arabia

'Wish you a happy, happy birthday, in this second year of your edition. I think this is a great webzine, it helps me a lot with my doubt about English and it offers a lot of excellent material for me to continue learning this beautiful language. For that reason, I send you my best wishes in this birthday and I hope you continue making me so happy with your editions. Lots of kisses!'
Josefina, Spain

'I would just like to say what a great magazine MED is. Keep up the good work.'
Leslie, Thailand

'It is really very useful for me, as a teacher of English in Turkey, to read the e-mail about your magazine and its content. I don't know whether you have been sent a comment about your magazine from Turkey, supposing that you haven't, here is a great and sincere thank for the knowledge that you supply for us.'
Mehmet Recep, Turkey

'Thank you for your excellent online magazine. The articles and other features are invariably interesting, and I have been sharing a number of them with colleagues and advanced students.'
Nina, United Kingdom