MED Magazine Top Tips for the CD-ROMs: Collocations

measures to combat crime
a bold plan to reduce crime
Their study found a direct link between poverty and crime.
He flatly denied being near the scene of the crime.
People's fear of crime is fuelled by sensationalist reports.
a hotbed of crime
She was completely innocent of any crime.
He denied that he was involved with organized crime.
The government is taking a hard line on street crime.
The crime scene was marked off with official police tape.
a racially motivated crime
This part of the city is notorious for its high crime rate.
He was jailed for 10 years for his part in the crime.
crime prevention
Dealing with crime is our primary concern.
a radical solution to the problem of juvenile crime
There is a close relationship between poverty and crime.
A new report shows violent crime is on the increase.
Serious crime is once again on the rise.
the scene of the crime
The government has shifted its attention away from the fight against crime.
Drugs are the single biggest cause of crime here.
They accused the minister of being soft on crime.
solve a case/crime
The only crime they've ever committed is to stand up for their rights.
Policies like this aren't going to stop crime.
How do you explain their success in reducing crime?
a sudden rise in violent crime
The new mayor promises to be tough on crime.
Travel agents are not warning tourists about the dangers of crime in holiday resorts

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